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face-face/online evalution of lectures

by Aine Mark -

The Directorate of Quality Assurance (Bishop Stuart University) requests your input as regards teaching and learning.
Please click the link below, fill in all required fields and submit
Multiple submissions are allowed
The information you give will be treated with highest confidentiality

ODeL assessment form

by Mugumya Norman -

BSU is conducting an assessment on how or if online studying has been conducted in Bishop Stuart University during the country lockdown because of COVID 19. Students are encouraged to fill this form to help the Quality Assurance Office make decisions.


How to login to BSU VLE

by KALEMA Job -

  1. Go to
  2. Click on log in
  3. Enter your username (your Registration Number in capital letters without forward slashes e.g. 19BSUBAED000) and password (given to you by the Systems Administrator).
  4. After logging in, click on site home and look for search input field, search for those course units you pursue, and enroll in them. If you can't enroll contact your lecturer

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Accessing Exam permit, Registration, Enrollment, Payments and Financial statements

by KALEMA Job -

Students are informed that effective this semester (1) - AY 2019/2020 accessing examination permits, registration, enrollment, payments, and financial statements will be online. 

For this to be possible, the online students portal will require you to log into your account, use your registration number as a username and password and follow the prompts.

Please visit the office of the Assistant Systems Administrator (behind Computer Lab C - First Floor) for any inquiries.

The students portal is available at:

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